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Need Brochure Printing Perth?

Now more than ever, printed brochures are one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Your clients are bombarded by fleeting digital ads and marketing messages. Placing a high-quality print brochure in their hands is one of the most effective ways to hold their attention whilst informing them about the difference your product can make in their lives.

When to Advertise with a Brochure

There are many different scenarios in which brochures are the ideal marketing medium. To begin with, they’re perfectly suited for displaying products with a strong visual component. They also work well with lifestyle products and services, where you want to evoke an image that viewers can imagine becoming a part of. We provide full-colour brochure printing to ensure that the images you present to your target customers are truly evocative.

We can laminate with gloss or matt stock for a longer-lasting product. Here are some of the ways that you may consider distributing or displaying the full-colour brochure printing with Greenlea Print:

Use your brochures, flyers or marketing cards

  •  as targeted letterbox drops
  •  in direct mail
  •  to showcase your most popular products and services
  •  at in-store promotions
  •  brochures are available in DL, A5 and A4 with self-covers or heavier stock covers
  •  full-colour print on gloss or matte stock
  •  any number of pages
  •  for a longer lasting product, we can also laminate your brochures with a gloss or matt finish.

As with all our products, Greenlea’s prices for brochure printing include:

  • Free Delivery
  • Free artwork upload
  • Free Artwork
  • Free email proofs

What Makes Brochures Different from Other Print Marketing Formats?

There are many different formats for print advertising – flyers, posters, magnets and more. But brochures stand out because they have multiple pages. They provide you with a unique opportunity to present your marketing messages in long form whilst introducing your potential customers to your various products and services.

Brochures can also be printed in various sizes. The printing is done on a chosen size of paper, and then it is folded to half. With that in mind, A3 (folded to A4) and A4 (folded to A5) are the two most common sizes that our clients request.

How Long Should Your Brochure Be?

When designing a brochure with multiple pages, it is important to remember that the pages will come in multiples of four. This is a natural (i.e. mathematical) requirement of the printing process. Along those lines, the shortest brochure would be four pages long – and then you could proceed to eight pages, 12 pages, etc. These pages will be printed on both sides for maximum value. When a brochure has a lot of pages, we refer to it as a ‘booklet’.

These pages can be stapled together in a process known as ‘saddle stitching’. When the number of pages is much higher, the pages can be perfect bound. This means that they are glued together in the style of a catalogue or directory. They can also be bound together with wire and can bound with or without a hardcover.

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We also offer a special price for a 6 page folded to A4 flyer printed in full colour on two sides on gloss or matt paper. Order from just 500 of these brochures.

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Greenlea is also able to supply multiple page documents for use as manuals, annual reports, information booklets and product guides.

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